Why blogs?


Why do we have a blog site?

"We are not sure that words can always save lives, but we know that silence can certainly kill," said Dr James Orbinski, then MSF International President, collecting the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. 
A key principle of our organisation is speaking out about what we see - bearing witness or, ‘témoignage’. Our teams working around the world are key to this, as are our patients’ voices.

Staff blogs

In most of the places where we work, our staff are free to write about their daily lives and the lifesaving work they carry out.
Occasionally, security constraints mean this isn’t possible in order to protect the safety of our staff and patients. However, we are continuously reviewing these situations.
Our blogs are only edited if a post contains any content that could jeopardise our patients, our staff or our work in a country.
Patients and staff give their consent to feature in our staff blogs and patient names are changed to protect anonymity, unless they have specifically requested otherwise. 
MSF takes the security of personal data very seriously and has clear policies and guidance on obtaining consent from both staff and patients who may feature in these blogs. If you wish to remove or change any personal information published on these pages, please contact the site manager Amber Dowell by email: blogs@london.msf.org 
Personal data is retained securely in accordance with our internal retention policy and the Data Protection Act. For more information please see our privacy notice.  

Patient blogs

As there are many diseases and treatments that are still neglected or have life-threatening or life-limiting side effects, we believe patients should have the opportunity to speak out and share their experiences. 
We assist people with no literacy skills or access to the internet to blog. Read more about this and meet our patient bloggers on the TB&ME blog.
Our patient blogs are not edited.