water and sanitation

Handing over

"We organized a raffle and dinner for our staff and everybody enjoyed the anxiousness of winning the premium items - mattresses and wheelbarrows - and laughing at those who won that not-so-hot ones."

"We need dry land"

By the gate, an old lady lies down in the mud, defeated. Skeleton thin she is wearing a threadbare cotton dress. She has no shoes. She digs in the soil with her scarred hands, so thin you can see her bones. She slowly brings the mud up to her mouth, and eats it.

This lady and the indignity of her situation will be etched in my memory forever.

Water level

Part of the current construction at the hospital that we're doing is connecting piping for a gravity-powered sewage system. We've built three new showers and three new latrines to increase the capacity of our malaria ward. It's an 80-bed ward, and the MSF standard is one latrine per 20 people and one shower for 40 people, with a latrine and shower reserved for staff use. We used to have two latrines for patients and one for staff, with one shower each for patients and staff, so we've expanded the capacity to five latrines/four showers for patients, keeping the 1/1 for staff.