War in Yemen

Yemen: “I could see the consequences of violence everywhere”

In Yemen, more than three years of war have left millions of people without enough income to meet their basic needs. The deterioration of living conditions, collapse of services, trade and livelihoods are having tangible and devastating effects on the population. Niamh O’Brien is an Irish doctor who has recently returned from Al Houban, near the city of Taiz, where she worked in a mother and child hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

Yemen: childbirth in danger

We have been receiving mostly women from Khamer town or places nearby. The most complicated pregnancies we used to receive are from faraway districts where women do not enjoy good health due to poor nutrition. We do not see many of them nowadays as they cannot afford the high prices of transportation.

These women and their families are the poorest in the area. Above all, they do not have other health facilities around. Many women are now delivering at home with unskilled attendants, which puts them in danger if they have complications or if they need a C-Section.