1st Month of Treatment

I’ll start by telling you that before this illness I knew nothing about pills except for aspirin and paracetamol. It was very hot in the office in summer; the air conditioner was on constantly. There was a draught, my feet were freezing so I was wearing felt boots in the office)) I was covering my back with a scarf. But I failed to protect myself – I over chilled my back and a nerve was damaged, I caught a cold in addition. I couldn’t sneeze. Have you ever experienced neurologic pains? If not, think of toothache. A doctor prescribed me a pain killer – and in ten days it seemed to be gone.

A doctor comes home: "By joining MSF, I knew that I could help my community, and that I could save lives"

Dr Tor Deng is a general practitioner working for MSF in Abyei, a disputed region between Sudan and South Sudan. After graduating from medical school in Khartoum, he decided to return to Abyei, his home region. He shares some of the challenges and successes of the HIV/TB programme run by MSF in Agok Hospital.