“Baby Shahida taught me to understand the ‘good’ in ‘goodbyes’”

Dr Sahar Iftikhar is a medical doctor working in the MSF neonatal clinic in the city of Dera Murad Jamali, in the north of Pakistan. In Pakistan women and children in particular suffer from the lack of access to healthcare and there is an overwhelming need for neonatal care.  Here she blogs about treating one inspiring baby girl ...


Aside from the blips and pings of various monitors, the only sound is the little girl’s laboured breathing. Though she’s feverish and limp, you can still see distress in her eyes. Her mother’s eyes too, as she searches for the smallest change for the better – or for the worse – in her daughter’s expressionless face.

Night shift in ELWA3

ELWA3, the MSF Ebola Management Center (EMC) in Monrovia, has been featured in many news stories over the past months. It’s a huge facility with lots of staff focused on triage of those with Ebola symptoms and management of the suspected and confirmed cases. The good news is that with the decreased in cases of Ebola in Monrovia, the census has been low leaving many beds empty.


Can malnutrition be prevented? Trish blogs about a simple community-based programme that's aiming to address one of the root causes of malnutrition in Chad...


Somedays with MSF I feel that we are really making a difference. Other days I struggle with our limitations and the changes we don’t or can’t make. And most days I fluctuate between these impressions at lightning speed. This week was no exception, except that some of these impressions were formed while sitting, like royalty, on a pink frilly mattress.