life in the field

It takes a whole team: working together in South Sudan

Riak is a supply logistician in South Sudan, a country which has been affected by civil war since 2013. In the town of Bentiu, the UN has established a Protection of Civilians camp for people who have fled the conflict. Riak lives in the camp, and works to ensure that the MSF hospital has the medicines, equipment and other resources needed to provide medical care to thousands of people. 

Brushing teeth as a social activity: Life in an MSF compound

It is a bit like living in student accommodation, only with local staff – the mamas - to do the cooking, cleaning and washing, so at least we do not squabble over whose turn it is to do the washing up.

It’s also a bit like living with your parents – there are rules and restrictions; above all a curfew. In Baraka, if you are on foot, curfew is 6 pm, but you can go out by car to approved places, so long as you are back in the compound by 11pm. Approved places include a nearby bar with music and dancing – MSFers are there on the dancefloor most weekends.

Rested and ready to return

I’m sat writing from the capital Bangui waiting for my internal flight back to Zemio. I’ve been a bit silent in the old blogosphere these last three months – a period bookended by two much needed holidays from CAR back to the UK to reconnect with family and friends.