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(Humanitarian) Writer’s Block?

To be honest, I have been struggling to write a second blog post. The first one was easy, everything was new, and it was basically an introduction to this mission. Blogging is new to me, but keeping a journal is not. However, I tend to get lazy with journaling, I frequently will go weeks without a note. Then of course it gets harder to write one, because so much has happened. That’s what’s happening now with the blog! I have been meaning to write a second post for weeks, and I have a few different ones unfinished…

It takes a whole team: working together in South Sudan

Riak is a supply logistician in South Sudan, a country which has been affected by civil war since 2013. In the town of Bentiu, the UN has established a Protection of Civilians camp for people who have fled the conflict. Riak lives in the camp, and works to ensure that the MSF hospital has the medicines, equipment and other resources needed to provide medical care to thousands of people.