life in the field

Jordan: Getting the Blues?

Mike is a doctor from the UK. Having settled into his new role, he blogs about what he misses from his life at home, and what it's like to find yourself dealing with a new job, changing expectations, and a different culture...

I found it exciting to start my assignment, meet new people and be in a different place where even the signs are a struggle to read. (Reading Arabic writing is not something I’m confident in yet, though there is progress I’m glad to say.)  There is so much to get used to and a new role too.

"I work around the clock" : A day in the life of an MSF project coordinator

Sergio is working for MSF in Boga, in the northeast of Democratic Republic of Congo. MSF supports the regional hospital and health centres there, and Sergio ensures that the project runs safely and smoothly, giving women a safe place to give birth, and local people access to the healthcare they need. In his latest blog post, he takes us through a typical day, from morning mocha to midnight emergency.