Innovation blog: IV fluids for Land Cruisers - Idea generation, prototyping and testing

Our teams use Land Cruisers to get our patients, supplies and staff to where they need to be, across often challenging terrains. But Land Cruisers are cars, not ambulances, and this means finding a new fix every time a patient needs IV fluids, as these have to be hung upright to ensure the fluids can run freely. In the third instalment of their blog, Josie and Anup get to 'the fun part' of their project - designing and creating innovative solutions to a problem that can cost vital time in emergencies.

Innovation blog: IV fluids for Land Cruisers - Getting started

Our teams work in conflict zones, epidemics, and places where no other health care is available. This means thinking differently to solve problems that simply don't exist in conventional medical settings. In the second instalment of their blog, nurse Josie and logistician Anup write about getting stuck in to a design problem that could save valuable time in an emergency...