Ode to my parents

Hey, if you all read or hear news about the demonstration and suicide attack in Khost today, don’t panic. We are all safe here.

When my parents were raising their children, I am sure they never imagined that they would one day be receiving texts like these from one of their daughters. 


Ebola: highs and lows

It is moments like this that I fear most. A woman with Ebola is wandering around naked and screaming. A confused and potentially aggressive patient with a highly infectious and deadly disease – and all that separates us is my yellow protective bodysuit. I heard the commotion while I was working my way through the patients in the High Risk zone – the area of the centre reserved for the confirmed cases of Ebola. The screaming woman had left High Risk area and was heading for the Low Risk zone where MSF staff do our paper work.

Why I’m scared to go home

I’ve worked with MSF for two years now. None of my previous assignments have ever been breaking news until now.

That’s a problem on many different levels. It’s a problem because no one cared about high HIV/AIDS infection rates in Kenya. It’s a problem because no one cared about the high infant and maternal mortality rates in Laos. It’s a problem because no one cared about the thousands of South Sudanese refugees walking across the Ethiopian border every week.