ebola survivors

Surviving Ebola…

Shortly before I left the U.S., I watched President Obama welcome Ebola survivors who had worked during the epidemic in Liberia to the White House, and greet them with handshakes and hugs. At the time, it struck me that beating those incredibly difficult odds was truly something to celebrate, and that those survivors, now members of a tiny club, must be among the happiest and most grateful people on earth.

Night shift in ELWA3

ELWA3, the MSF Ebola Management Center (EMC) in Monrovia, has been featured in many news stories over the past months. It’s a huge facility with lots of staff focused on triage of those with Ebola symptoms and management of the suspected and confirmed cases. The good news is that with the decreased in cases of Ebola in Monrovia, the census has been low leaving many beds empty.