TB & Me: "I am living proof that TB can be beaten"

In 2001 I was diagnosed with TB. I remember having symptoms of TB; coughing for more than two weeks, in my case I was coughing up blood, loss of appetite, loss of weight, lot of sweating at night. I remember one morning I woke up wet from the sweat: it was as if somebody had poured a bucket of water over me. 
I visited the clinic, the doctors ran some tests. I was told to go back for the results after two weeks. I went back and got the positive results for TB.

One year since TB left me

It is now exactly 30 days before it’s a year since I completed my TB treatment and was declared TB free. Well, it honestly feels great to have reached this far.

Having been diagnosed with TB in 2013 and taking my medication until the end makes me wonder why we still hear stories of people who died because they defaulted or because they refused to take treatment. It really saddens me hearing such stories as TB is curable.