childbirth complications


Alexander is an emergency room doctor from Sweden. He sends us his third blog post from a new assignment in the Central African Republic, a country which has faced many years of violence and instability...

Women give birth in impossible circumstances

In Lankien, we tell women to come to MSF for medical care for delivery. It is especially important if they have had many babies previously, if they are pregnant with twins or if they’ve had complications before, such as heavy bleeding.

And women also prefer to come to MSF for their deliveries; not only do they receive medication, but also a mosquito net and baby blanket. However, many live far away from the hospital and there is no transport. Their only option is “footing” - as they call walking here, and it can be a very difficult, perilous journey.

Bending the Rules

Whenever I see a patient I often hear the words of previous senior colleagues in my head, or phrases from books that I’ve memorised for tricky situations. There are many rules and anecdotes that help me in my decision making; a collective memory and combined experience.

Against the Odds

Update 24 August 2015: Sharing this post on Facebook sparked a lot of healthy discussion about what was the best treatment route in this case. Following that I've added some more details to this post which will answer some of the questions raised, especially regarding caesarean sections in this context. If you have any further questions or thoughts please leave them in the comments section at the end of this post. Thank you, Benjamin.