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Philippines : en route pour Santa Fé

Lundi 18 novembre, 7h du matin, Ormoc.

Un, deux, trois... 12 MSF arrivent au compte-goutte, un café à la main (Super important le café sur le terrain !).
Là encore, c'est un véritable tour du monde des nationalités.

A 8h30, après une répartition des tâches, nous prenons la route pour Santa Fé. Sur place, nous nous scinderons en deux équipes : l'une ira au centre de santé, l'autre, au centre d'évacuation.

Philippines: experience

The MSF team in Tacloban, which, as of this morning, had 21 international staff members, has been occupying the three top floors of a downtown hotel. After short nights of living on top of each other in a hotel full of distressed aid workers, our living conditions have gotten much better, as have those of the rest of the city.

The streets littered with garbage and dead bodies that I found upon my arrival last Thursday have been cleared by the agencies of the Government of Philippines with impressive speed.

Philippines: frustration, hope, and noodle soup

On Thursday the first MSF advance team finally reached Tacloban. The three preceding days spent waiting in Cebu were very frustrating. Each morning dawned with a new hope to reach the most typhoon-affected cities, plans that evaporated at the very last minute. On Monday, Tacloban airport had not been sufficiently cleared of debris. On Tuesday, appalling weather kept us grounded. On Wednesday, the Philippine army was given priority as it was urgent to re-establish order in town.