My WATSAN Life in Bangladesh: 2nd Month

QUESTION: How to transport ten large water tanks through tightly packed makeshift settlements?

Alexandra is a water and sanitation specialist, currently working in informal settlements occupied by Rohingya refugees. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people have been forced to flee violence and travel across the border from neighbouring Myanmar...

One of the major challenges of working in any of the Makeshift Settlements is transporting materials to the construction site. Whether it's building a health centre or water supply systems, getting the supplies to site is not an easy task! 

Alexandra brainstorming how to carry ten 5000L tanks up a 30m high hill, over 1 km into Hakimpara Makeshift Settlement

Rolling a 5000L tank up a muddy hill that even cars aren´t able to drive up to

Carrying a 5000L tank across Jamtoli Makeshift Settlement using bamboo sticks

Carrying bricks and sand through Hakimpara Makeshift Settlement to build a tank platform with water tap distribution 

Carrying rolls of pipe used to deliver water from the borehole to tanks on the hilltop in Jamtoli Makeshift Settlement

Carrying steel drilling pipe from one borehole location to the next in Hakimpara Makeshift Settlement

My WATSAN Life in Bangladesh: 2nd Month

During the last month I've drilled 7 boreholes in Jamtoli and Hakimpara Makeshift Settlement, and another borehole at the inpatient health facility, close to Moynarghona Makeshift Settlement is under construction. I have also started to construct water supply systems at each of the community borehole sites which will be used to distribute water to the Rohingya living along the hilltops.

To get community involved, we asked the people living on the hilltops help clear spaces and build flat surfaces to install tap stands for the distribution of water. They also helped us roll, push and carry tanks from the parking lot to the top of the hills! 

Drilling a 120m deep borehole at MSF´s Public Health Centre in Hakimpara Makeshift Settlement

Two tanks installed on a brick, cement and sand platform with delivery pipe supplying water to three distribution platforms along the hilltops in Hakimpara Makeshift Settlement

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