Behind the scenes of every Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) project is a team of logisticians keeping everything running smoothly.

Often known as ‘logs’, MSF technical logisticians take care of the non-medical aspects of our projects. They are resourceful, adaptable people with a knack for solving problems. Some will be deployed for their specific skills, while others are all-rounders, able to turn their hands to anything.

Technical logisticians are responsible for everything from maintaining vehicles and communication systems, to sourcing reliable power supplies.

Supply logisticians are the highly organised people who make sure our projects are equipped with everything that’s needed to deal with an emergency.

Construction logisticians are deployed to projects where significant building work is required, usually in low resource settings.

Read the blog posts below to find out more about life as an MSF logistician, or click here to find out more about applying to join the team.

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