Which way is home?

For Wolfgang it's time to say goodbye to the people in the D.R. Congo. But every end also means a beginning and there is a magic inherent in it.

My farewell from my newly won family here in Mweso has come and it is difficult, as it was with earlier missions. So many employees in the hospital have become friends and the surroundings somehow a second home. One or the other colleague you might meet again somewhere by chance. The lively exchange of Whatsapp addresses is comforting for the time being.


Farewell from my second home with a crying and a laughing eye.

If you read this text, I am probably already back in Regensburg and am happy about my family and friends, my other home!

But it goes on!

For me personally, however, perhaps the most important part of my mission starts now: I would like to promote the establishment of an anesthesia with intubation and respiration here in Mweso at the coordination offices in Goma and at the headquarters of Doctors Without Borders in Amsterdam. I am convinced that it would increase the safety of our patients and gets the hospital in Mweso closer to international standards. Unfortunately, this enhancement is not for free: there are personnel costs, for example for an anaesthesiologist, as well as material costs, for example for the intubation simulator. That's why we keep our fingers crossed!

By the way, the next mission is already waiting on the horizon. It will take place in spring and will take me "home" again - to the Central African Republic.

Thank you very much for your interested reading, et à la prochaine!

Yours, Wolfgang