9th month of treatment

White Orchid shares her thanks for the people who helped her during her treatment for tuberculosis

KIND PEOPLE - during the treatment period, I’ve heard more nice and kind words than I have ever heard throughout my life.
The first to come to the aid were Doctors without Borders. Psychologist’s counselling was very helpful. I would have probably gone mad because of pain and hopelessness, and would hardly have guessed to be upset about it. Well, since I stayed in my right mind and judgement, please accept my gratitude - Anastasia, Elena, Roman, Maria, Amber, Parvati, the supply department and all the staff stretching out their hands to people in a difficult life situation.
Applause! It’s thanks to YOU that the patients will feel better!
Nurses and nurses’ aides are sunny people: they care about a person more than about money. Who of you will agree to work for a standard salary in a tuberculosis clinic, putting yourself at daily risk? Only the warmest and most cordial ones, those who love people. You are super! Special thanks to the employees of the day hospital Tatyana and Lyudmila.
To the medical personnel of the 1st City TB Dispensary for their moral and material support: Tatyana Gennadievna, Oleg Igorevich, Ekaterina Alexandrovna, Stepan Sergeevich, Lyudmila Vladimirovna, Tatyana Nikolaevna. One of the employees brought me their own preserves. Someone raised carrots and beets or brought a package of produce from the store.
The Belarusian Red Cross Society provides long-term support to MDR and XDR-TB patients through support hotline and raises public awareness of the TB problem. When possible, they also help with food and second hand clothing. Well done.
TB doctors - these semi-gods in white gowns can save a person's life. Overcoming the medical paper mountains, they go out into the light with the name pictures in white and black stripes. I wish you professional achievements!
The kitchen staff of the round-the clock hospital, vivat! Even in an inopportune time they would wait for everyone and would call and feed us.
To my ward mates: girls would bring me plates with food from the canteen to my room. When I came to senses, there was always something new on my bedside table. And although the food remained untouched, it was so pleasant that you cared about me.
To my parents for the shelter, food and medicines. To my Mom for the manifested warmth.
To the employees of state bodies who sympathized with my weak situation and helped to fill the documents.
To those who organize the provision of government-financed food kits to the patients.
To people who helped me with different, immensely important issues, providing support during my treatment: Igor Alexandrovich, my two aunts and uncles, a married couple from Germany, Alesya, Rainbow Searcher, and ALL THOSE WHO WERE AROUND AND WHO HELPED FROM AFAR.
I thank the patients who contributed to broadening my knowledge to create this blog.

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