8th month of treatment

White Orchid explains how the treatment for tuberculosis affects the body...

Now I know the difference between what I can do now and what will be in 50 years. The side-effects affect the weakest points of your body.
Many TB patients lose their hearing. When I become an old lady, I’ll be a hearing, but oblivious one. For several days I couldn’t remember the name of my friend in misfortune. I was waiting for somebody pronounce it. Hey! Here You are! Ho, You, look at me. Catastrophic. I had to ask. After that event the friend coming closer to me was telling “My name is …” So, I used to write down all the questions I was going to ask my doctors.
Rheumatologist reception. He could not palpate my patella and prescribed anti-inflammatory injections. I’d already got the injections of this medicine last month, but in vain. Uric acid in blood is responsible for joint pain. The level of uric acid in my tests was... normal. By the end of the treatment, when my tolerability of medicines and general condition improve, I will still not be able to understand the cause of such a wild pain, which all the tests failed to detect. I was waiting for the end of the first phase of treatment, I hoped that after taking Amikacin out from the regimen I would feel better. You can read about the phases of treatment in post 13.
I swallowed Fluconazole, an anti-fungus medicine, every week. Antibiotics are supposed to be a wracking ball leveling everything to the ground, no bug should survive. But no such luck. An interesting fact: it’s easier to catch a flu, a cold or who knows what. Take care. Anti-tuberculosis drugs work only for tuberculosis.
Once a month you have to do tests to monitor your condition.
- biochemistry
- total blood count
- urine test
- sputum samples on 2 consecutive days
- X-ray (once per three months)
ECG, ultrasound, CT (computerized tomography) and specialist consultation if necessary.
Tell the doctor about all the side effects you have. Sometimes a small detail can help with global issues. Be persistent and achieve your goals.
Imagine you feel shivers. I felt them inside my head. It didn’t hurt. But the persistence was annoying. The patients joked that it was a Cycloserine side effect as the neural connections were establishing. There is a part of truth in every joke, what do you think?
My heart rattled, especially after eating and at night. The sound of my heart beat in silence was louder than the clock on the wall, accelerating time.
I wanted to lose everything and begin to live on with a clean slate. If only this disease didn’t exist. I will never be 33 again, and it’s the same with 83. But I'll return to my 35 with a life experience of an older person. I know exactly how I’ll feel when I grow old, and it makes me strong right now. Power + Knowledge = Might. It took me just 2 years.
There is an opinion that such a long period of treatment is not justified, because the tubercle bacillus gets used to the medicines, mutate and become resistant. The doctors work according to the WHO protocols. It is a pity that in the XXI century relapses occur even to the patients who strictly followed all the instructions. Yes, this kind of things happen. Why? When I asked: "What is the specific impact of para-aminosalicylic acid on the tubercle bacillus?" the answer and record were: "You have a depression". Quick sign that I ask too many questions which do not concern my treatment directly. There is so poor statistical data opened for the viewers. Later I’ll find out the information I was interested in. And a bit about kind people...

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