1st month of treatment

White Orchid shares her experience of diagnosis and the first month of treatment for tuberculosis...

I’ll start by telling you that before this illness I knew nothing about pills except for aspirin and paracetamol. It was very hot in the office in summer; the air conditioner was on constantly. There was a draught, my feet were freezing so I was wearing felt boots in the office)) I was covering my back with a scarf. But I failed to protect myself – I over chilled my back and a nerve was damaged, I caught a cold in addition. I couldn’t sneeze. Have you ever experienced neurologic pains? If not, think of toothache. A doctor prescribed me a pain killer – and in ten days it seemed to be gone. For prophylaxis I had an X-ray and a sputum test. The X-ray looked good, so I forgot about that case.

And suddenly...

A phone rang – they told me I had TB.

What were my thoughts?

    - Do I need to quit my job – or maybe not?

    - What should I say?

    - How it is treated?

Answer: “About two years”. That was beyond any expectations – I had assumed it was about two months.

What did I do?

I asked for a repeat of the sputum test, but they refused. It turned out it was not the same as blood or stool test: either bad or good – when the result is evident immediately. Here the bacillus may show 1 time only and then not show for 100 times. So you can imagine how many people around are sick, but don’t know about it. One can spit and everything is ok and then talk to you – and you can say goodbye to two years of your life. But you’ll learn about it later from my blog…


I decided my X-ray was fine. I cannot go back. I cannot lose my job. At my own risk I ordered a traditional remedy from the Altay region based on pickleworm. Everyone decides for oneself, I liked it: I felt a burst of energy like when you eat a natural honey. (As I will know to the end of the treatment, in 2017 in the Altai, Perm Territory, Udmurtia, in the Moscow region, bees have died out almost completely.) After 8 months I had an X-ray to check my lungs again – no changes, which is good. I thought my sputum test had been confused with somebody else’s, it can happen, everybody’s human. I promised to come back in 3 months. During this time staff reduction happened and my money reserve didn’t last for long. I had no choice but to look for any other job. In 2 months I found a job that was even better than the previous one. ATTENTION: stress can be a factor leading to TB because Koch’s Bacillus is present in all those vaccinated against TB. But it's better to do the vaccine:  I know the story of an unvaccinated child who died in a month.

I rented a room nearby my work. I thought to myself: ‘Here’s heaven on earth’. I was happy, satisfied with myself and my life and I went to have another X-ray…


I guess you already understand how it ended up. I quit my job. I was preparing to go to hospital, have some rest at public expense: ‘You can lie in bed, eat, sleep, take pills. It’s nice. Damn, what can one do there for 2 years? Well, what I would do for two years?’ Okey if I had so much free time I decided to do fitness and to become a real beauty by the end of the treatment. And of course to re-read War and Peace, a novel by Leo Tolstoy, one of the most famous Russian writers and thinkers.


To learn what happened after you can follow this link and continue reading.


This month fell out of my life. You can call it a coma, although it wasn’t a coma. I cannot recall any of my thoughts. I just remember an image of a doctor bending over me. So I found myself in the second month of the treatment. Things started to change.


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