13th month of treatment

White Orchid explains the vocabulary of tuberculosis treatment...

We understand the pain or problem of another person better when we face it ourselves. Anyone can get sick. Unfortunately, people of different social statuses and age groups get sick: children, elderly people, people in villages and cities. Medical staff report that the contingent of patients has recently changed: now it's not only alcoholics and homeless people, but people like you and me, people with education and moral values - they go to work today, lead a healthy lifestyle, and tomorrow they hear a terrible diagnosis.
I felt perfectly healthy when I was informed that I was ill: no cough, no sweating, no other symptoms they write about on the Internet. Therefore the word ‘pills’ did not bother me at all: they are to reduce the processes that cause pain. Now nothing hurts. Why be afraid? There is nothing to be afraid of. That’s the association I had. In none of my posts I will call the medicines that they use to treat me ‘pills’. This is a wrong, false association. Like if, for example,
Your friend calls you and says: "I'm in a grocery shop, bought a stick and milk, I'll be there soon." With what products is the association? He actually brings a stick of melted cheese and condensed milk. Is it what you expected?
Then, it’s incorrect to call what is used to treat XDR and MDR TB pills. What is the treatment for cancer? Everyone realizes that the treatment is difficult. It may be ‘pressure chamber’ – the word you haven’t experienced ... or ‘radiotherapy’. And pills – everybody has taken them - and there is nothing terrible in them, as, respectively, in tuberculosis.
No! We need to come up with a new name for this thing!
Problems appeared when I was started on treatment. There were lots of scientific questions, and there was absolutely no strength to get the answers.
Form of tuberculosis:
1) open or TB +
2) closed or TB-
Type of tuberculosis:
1) drug sensitive (treated with main 1st line anti-tuberculosis drugs for about half a year)
2) resistant to drugs (treated with reserve 2nd line anti-tuberculosis drugs for about two years).
2nd line drugs are less effective and very toxic.
Treatment regimens are different and depend on the resistance of a particular mycobacterium to antibiotics. MDR and XDR TB patients take 5-7 2nd line drugs daily, except for Sunday.
Phases of the most difficult type of TB treatment:
1) intensive - 6-8 months
After its completion, one of the drugs is removed from the regimen (usually an injectable)
2) continuation - 10-12 months (with complicated forms it’s longer)
Side effects of the 2nd line drugs are experienced by all patients without exception: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypokalemia, tendon lesions, muscle and joint pains, rapid heart, dizziness, headache. And this is not the reason to change the regimen. The patient accumulates side-effects condition day by day. Gradually the body gets used to it.
Transmission of bacillus Kochii is aerogenic rather than airborne (as it was believed previously). This means that the tuberculosis mycobacteria are transported by air sources to farther distances, for example, through ventilation. The bacterium can penetrate the body not only through the breath, but also through blood, mucous, with food. It settles down 1 cm / min. Recommendation: wet cleaning and fewer dust collectors!
A mycobacterium is so small that a mask is not a panacea. It protects against inhaling cement dust, for example. Soap (alkali) and alcohol (acid) do not kill TB bacillus. In any case, at least some kind of mechanical obstruction to the bacterium is better than nothing. The non-mutant bacterium is destroyed by UV (ultraviolet). I won’t say the same about the mutant, it is believed that it works for it as well, but I have not seen any official information on this.
Methods of molecular epidemiology have shown that in every fifth case of the disease the source of transmission of tuberculosis are people in whose sputum smears MBT (mycobacteria) are not detected.
More details at the post of Republic Scientific and Practical Center of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis:

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