20th month of treatment (final)
We have already talked about the physical severity of the treatment. In this post, I want to draw attention to the complexity of the situation that is faced by a person, inadvertently encountering a disaster called "modern tuberculosis."
I will calculate my income for the entire course of treatment:
To facilitate the understanding for my foreign readers, I present the Belarusian currency in the equivalent of the US dollar, the average value for 20 months, which was 1 USD = 1.8964 Belarusian rubles (for calculations I round up to 1.9).
There may be minor calculation errors.
1. Doctors Without Borders (MSF):
a) food parcels 2 times a month (outpatient treatment)
b) travel card for transport (outpatient treatment)
c) antiemetic medicines
Total: 1990 BYR = 1047 USD
2. State ration:
a) food parcels 2 times a month (outpatient treatment)
Total: 314 BYR = 165 USD
3. Belarusian Red Cross Society:
a) food, bed linen, household chemicals (4 times during the treatment period)
Total: 67 BYR = 35 USD
4. Disability Commission
a) consultation (there are no grounds for giving a disability)
Total: 0 BYR = 0 USD
5. Employment exchange:
NUANCE: it's surprising that the unemployment benefit is not linked to the subsistence minimum. Within 20 months the subsistence minimum in Belarus has changed and on average amounted to 177.31 Belarusian rubles = 93 USD per person per month
a) Unemployment benefit 1 time a month (it is given for 6 months from the moment of registration at the exchange. It is necessary to find a job in this time. Then there’s a gap for 6 months.)
6 benefit payments: 133 BYR = 70 USD
6. Social Security Service:
NUANCE: to get targeted help, you need to have worked for at least a month during previous calendar year.
I started treatment in 2015, I could physically apply to the service only in 2017. My income for 2016 amounted to 0 rubles, as well as taxes paid to the treasury in 2016. Therefore I received nothing.
I applied as an unemployed (stupid loafer) dependent on a retired mother.
a) social assistance from the state (issued 1 time a calendar year)
Total: 300 BYR = 158 USD
So, summarizing the income for 20 months: 2804 BYR = 1476 USD
RESULTS: As mentioned above, the average monthly subsistence minimum for that period was 177.31 BYR = 93 USD
My monthly income was 140 BYR = 73 USD
I should have died, couldn’t have survived. For more than one and a half years ... Extremely difficult LIFE.
Of these, the average monthly cash: 21.65 BYR = 11 USD
Not counting MSF’s assistance, my monthly income would be 40.7 BYR = 21 USD
Let’s see what one can buy for 21.65 BYR = 11 USD. In the picture from the 10th post we can see the cost of a liter bottle of BonAqua 1.04 BYR. The daily budget is less than a liter of bottled water per day.
How one can pay for the apartment, and those who have kids for the kindergarten and school? Buy side-effect medication? I'm not even talking about vegetables and fruits. And milk, which you need to take with one of the drugs? What kind of recovery can we talk about?
Warm-hearted people from the ninth post were going shoulder to shoulder with me to the Victory over the most complicated course of treatment. HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!
And that smudgy wild girl from the second post has coped and having overcome the peak of complexities has turned into a White Orchid.

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