14th month of treatment

White Orchid writes about the value of blogging during treatment for tuberculosis...

This month I learned about the blog and started writing because I had something to say. And later I realized that the process of writing helps to occupy one’s thoughts, switch from a state of nausea and get distracted from other “bugs”.
I already said in the first post that by the 14th month of treatment the tolerability of medicines has improved a lot. So, taking for the unit of measurement of well-being the time I spend working, now I can withstand half an hour-an hour at the computer. And when I lay down I dream of tomorrow coming so that I can continue. By the way every day I spend the energy on a trip to the hospital and back. So this is not a little- one hour. I feel like I'm doing a very useful job. And let it be only for one hour, but it’s very, very useful for other people.
Look how Christiaan Van Vuuren, AKA Australian "the Fully Sick Rapper" shares his experience of going through the treatment course:


He has inspired me very much. I began to reread the posts of other bloggers and wondered how you can leave a comment while remaining anonymous.
In the "Login" tab there is a choice: Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Google. Disqus allows people to choose whatever name you like, so you don't have to reveal your true identities. This is very cool, especially for patients who do not want to reveal their identity.
You can also become a blogger yourself. Tell an MSF staff member (Médecins Sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders from French) about your intention and learn more about how to participate in this project. So far, MSF has only a blog about TB. If an MSF staff member is not available to you, write to the contact email:  marking the message "New Blogger".
It's a pity that I read the blog...
- not when I was healthy (although what I could have done)
- not when I was on treatment (so many questions left without an answer)
- but when I was already practically healthy.
But it's good that...
- I’m writing a blog while still on treatment, so to speak fresh.
After reading my posts, go to a stranger and ask him what he knows about tuberculosis. Most likely, you will hear the following: "A dangerous disease transmitted from a sick person. It’s a disease of disadvantaged people". Do you know if animals get TB?
I want to come up with a way to get everyone to learn about TB as a POTENTIAL THREAT. For example, to adopt a law to insert information blocks about infectious diseases between advertisements in the media with a certain frequency, also about the harm of alcohol and tobacco, about moral norms, innovations and opportunities to receive benefits. Why not? This would secure the health of the population and significantly reduce the costs of subsequent programmes. Because now the disease does not spare any social strata, it mows down everyone. We have never had such a thing, as now, that children get infected with DR TB. How will the sexual system of adolescents develop while undergoing such a complex course of treatment? …? ...SOS!
By creating your blog, leaving comments (by this you will show the size of the audience) and/ or by accomplishing the mission of "saving the world" of which I wrote in the post for the 11th month of treatment, You – although not realizing it yourself - will save a lot of lives.
I hope you enjoyed reading my notes. Of course, they are not perfect, and there is still a lot to work on. It would be good to translate them into different languages, so that people from more countries could read them. If you want and can make translations, I will accept that with gratitude, send them to the blogging COORDINATOR at: . You can also leave a request for an online meeting with me "Without a Face". Everyone can participate: patients, doctors, those in doubt and interested. If there are many applications, it might be possible to organize a webinar - and I will share my experience, answer your questions and just be happy to talk.

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