11th month of treatment

White Orchid's blog from her 11th month of treatment for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis

... I decided that I will save at least two people from getting TB. After all, what will happen if everyone tells two people about the infection? MISSION – to save the world. Tell at least two people about the existing TB threat. It's easy. Make them promise that they will do the same with two more. You will save the World.
                     "Even one human being can win a war!"
                     (Major-General of the Space Forces Konstantin Pavlovich Petrov)
We work with nanotechnology, make robots, create clones, produce unique weapons and, in the end, fly into space. But we cannot destroy a bacterium that lives on Earth, which has DNA. Isn’t it funny.
Let's talk about what can change the DNA of a hamster. On the website of the National Association of Genetic Safety, a 2009 official report on the impact of GMOs on mammals has been published. Mature animal units were formed into couples, which were divided into 4 groups of 5 reproductive pairs in each. They were given standard food with 1 teaspoon added per animal of 1) soybeans, 2) GM-30 experimental genetically modified food, 3) GM-60 experimental genetically modified food, 4) without any additives.
Analysis of the outcomes: feeding hamsters with laboratory food with the addition of GM significantly worsens the animals’ condition (up to the complete cessation of reproduction and retardation of development), and in some cases even leads to their death. This effect already manifests itself in the first generation, and is significantly enhanced in the second. The main result of the influence of GM food was the absence of a third generation from animals from experimental groups. That is, they have no grandchildren! That's what the president of the National Association of Genetic Safety Alexander Baranov says about this: "The main conclusion of our study is the discovery of the fact of the biological prohibition on reproduction. Nature has put an end to the genetic prospects of animals that feed on GM food".
And here's what another TB blogger from Asia writes. She was medical worker in a general hospital and got infected:
      “... as a health care worker I thought that it must be really hard for the pulmonologist to explain to the patients, what will you choose die because of TB or become deaf or blind or may be lose their sanity. It must be hard for the doctor to force the patients taking those pills to prevent this disease infecting others while watching us fighting the horrible side-effects. It is must be really hard for them watching the patients who suffered or died.
This disease really gonna be the worst nightmare. I think this disease even more cruel than any other disease. We know that HIV is a highly infectious disease, but it doesn't spread only by coughing or talking. We know that cancer is a deathly disease, but it doesn't spread as easy as TB. We need to find new vaccines. We need to find new treatment. Otherwise this evil bacteria gonna destroy much more life”. Link to her blog in English: 
Religion and TB. Many patients believe that God will help them. Certainly. But we ourselves must make efforts and get treated. Remember:
- God takes care of those who take care of themselves.
- trust in the Lord, but keep your powder dry.
There are people who blindly believe, not protecting themselves or others from the infection. Be careful.
And lastly, I will ask a question. A man is 20 meters of intestines, a sexual and digestive apparatus, or has he been created for something else? What is the meaning of a person's life: to get full, get drunk, smoke, bonk, and as the result of the life to die leaving behind themselves material values and their children who are alcoholics or drug addicts? It happens very often nowadays. Money makes money. Everyone read history books about the Spartans. An interesting fact: in ancient Sparta they deliberately made slaves drunk, and then showed them to their children: "If you drink – you’ll become a brute like that". And then just 50 dozens of Spartans were able to resist two hundred thousand strong army of Darius in the Thermopylae gorge. Here! the spirit and courage of the warriors. Their strength was in their healthy lifestyle.  Everybody knows that drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, repress and destroy the psychic and health. The slave does not even understand that he is a slave, but enjoys his chains. A person becomes addicted. "Blessed is he who rules the word and keeps the thought on the leash" (Alexander Pushkin).
In the blog I will quote WHO statistics on the level of MDR-TB infection in the world. This data seems to me more interesting than the information on the general incidences of tuberculosis in countries, because it reflects the territorial localisation of a mutated bacillus which is treated much more difficult. But getting infected with a resistant mycobacterium is the same easy as with a sensitive one.

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Photo credit: NASA/GSFC/SDO. This image has been adapted.