TB & Me: Thanks to those who were there for me!

Ulyosh is an artist and tuberculosis (TB) advocate. Today Ulyosh is cured, and reflecting on the remarkable people who helped her during her long treatment...

I want to share some memories which from time to time emerge into my mind and fill me with feelings of gratitude.

Every time, when I remember these occasions, I say “Thank you all who helped me and thanks God that there are such people around us!”

When I got sick in 2008 I went to hospital, I had violent coughs, all-night-long coughs. They were so bad that sometimes they even led me to lose consciousness.

After each bout of coughing I had a terrible dizziness and towards morning I just felt so weak. On one of these nights two nurses: Medet and Abat were on duty.

On every troubling sound of coughs they ran to my room and tried their best to help me, especially when I felt so bad that I was hardly breathing.

When things were at their worst, Medet and Abat helped me breathe with an oxygen concentrator. It so happened that that night the electricity had gone out in all the hospital buildings except the clock-house at the entrance gate.

The distance from the clock house to my room was not short. But Medet and Abat always looked for ways through difficult situations.

From my bed I could see them discussing something. They felt sorry for me, but used their creativity. They went through all the hospital buildings, collected every extension cord they could find, and connected them together to made a longer and longer cord. It reached all the way to the clock house and Medet and Abat were able to turn my oxygen machine on.

I lay with the oxygen machine till morning, and then I felt at ease.

All night long Medet and Abat stayed around me, not having a wink of sleep, just looking after my condition. They were distressed for me, observing my tidal breathing, checking my pulse rate.

I was so grateful to them, looking at them tears ran down my cheeks because I couldn’t speak. I remember those two men, so noble, people of spirit and single-minded in the duties of their jobs. I don’t know who are they in life, but they fulfilled their work and duty at the utmost level.

I was not a relative of theirs, I didn’t know them until I came to hospital, I was just one of the many patients. But, they were ready to do any deeds, because it was an everyday duty for them. I don’t know their surnames, but I remember the names Medet and Abat – I am grateful for them for their being there in hour of need and helping me!