Homecoming - Part Deux

"Tthe night before last I slept in the toilet because of the raging gastroenteritis I mysteriously contracted"

After a lot of travelling and a lot of jet lag I am home. I am at home in the MSF ambulance on the road to Kasongomwana, in the house where I live with my team, asleep in my bed - well except for the night before last where I slept in the toilet because of the raging gastroenteritis I mysteriously contracted and yet nobody else got - no worries though it wasn't cholera, which was Christine's main concern, and I am feeling much better now. It was nice of the loggy though to offer to put a mattress in the toilet for me. There is some great collaboration here in Kilwa between the loggies and the medics...

For those of you who may have heard about the Ebola outbreak in South DRC and now see the irony of the incredibly inappropriate medevac jokes I was making, it is in fact nowhere near here, and will likely not arrive here, very fortunately for the people of Kilwa and everyone in between. MSF is working in Kasai however to try to minimize the impact of the outbreak and to provide care for the patients who have already been infected.

Instead we are continuing to find active measles cases here in Kilwa, thankfully not ebola, despite the vaccination campaign that finally took place. It actually went very well and we were able to assist the ministry of health but unfortunately only children under five were vaccinated and the last campaign was in 2004 so there are still lots of kids uncovered. But then some children vaccinated are better than no children vaccinated,you know, glass half-full.

I can't write much at the moment because I am still not at 100%... which was confirmed by Brigitte-the lovely girl who cooks for us- this morning, who took one look at me and said I should not go to work because I would fall down... although I did not fall down I do feel like I should lie down and so I will write more soon, but not now, perhaps after I have rested in my Kilwa bed, which is thankfully not in the toilet.