Cholera outbreak in Mukupa

So we have a cholera outbreak in Mukupa… There have been at least 20 cases since Saturday. I went again yesterday to supervise in the CTC (cholera treatment centre) but then I had to leave because a young man showed up who was seizing and I couldn’t seem to get him to stop, so in the back of the car he went and along the road we raced, leaving the cholera behind us… or so I hope although I am feeling a bit “not right” in the GI department.


My seizing patient mostly stopped seizing which is a good thing, but it might be epilepsy instead of severe malaria after all. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the severe malaria. Either way he is doing better than when I found him.


Anyway, lots of stuff going on here which is why I have been somewhat absentee… We had a suspect case of viral hemorrhagic fever – nobody panic – it was not Ebola, but it was pretty hectic and scary here for a while. Then we had to participate in a police investigation because some of our drugs went missing and were turning up in private pharmacies around town, which was particularly awful, maybe worse than the maybe-Ebola.


And then of course two of my team mates have finished there mission so I have been saying lots of goodbyes, but unfortunately not enough hellos, since there is no replacement yet for Christine which scares me a little since I am the only other expat nurse here. My new project coordinator is really great though, if for no other reason than she knew the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10..11..12 song from

Sesame Street

and spontaneously started singing it with me.


This weekend she will be away in the capital for a meeting and I will be left in charge of the project since I am now the most senior person here, which somehow doesn’t seem right to me. Here-s hoping to avert any major disasters while she is away any I am left in charge.


The MSF blog people asked me to write a bio about myself, to introduce the readers (you guys) to me… I am having some trouble with this actually. It is a strange thing to write about yourself for other people to read, to sum up your life-until-now in 5 lines with a photo of your good side. I am working on it.