Arrival in South Kivu

In the first installment of his photo diary, Dr Rob shares his first days in the Democratic Republic of the Congo...

This is my first photo blog from DRC In this blog I hope to give you a feel for the work we do and the difficulties that the population faces on a daily basis. 

My first sunset in Congo. After arriving in the country, I spent a few days in the regional capital of Bukavu on the shores of Lake Kivu.

Once my briefings were over it was time to leave and head to the first of two projects that I would be supporting.

I flew over the mist covered South Kivu region in a small plane with seats for just six passengers.

With me were Alfa (pictured) and Gasper, two of our MSF national team, as well as a patient who had needed specialist treatment and was returning home. 

We landed in Lulimba, the small village that would be my base for the next few weeks.

My role is as the flying HIV/TB doctor supporting the project here as well as another in the town of Baraka.

To greet me on the airstrip were Flavio (right), who I would be replacing, and Dr. Simon (centre) our national staff HIV/TB doctor.

On the left is me.

This is a beautiful part of the world. In every direction there is dense jungle and mountains.

But it is also plagued by chronic instability and underdevelopment.

Children are either very friendly or terrified of the strange foreign MSF staff.

It is impossible to walk anywhere without attracting some kind of attention. 

Many of our activities take place at the hospital. Here, with our Congolese partners, we provide comprehensive care for most cases.

However we also support a number of health centres and health posts.