Speaking truth to power

Phumeza blogs from Geneva, where she was speaking at the World Health Assembly at the UN.


Well this week after all the noise about the DR Manifesto, I have finally handed it over to the World Health Leaders. Well what an experience, so it went like this: they were discussing about plans regarding TB. So after that about half of the world leaders commented. Well of course I was sitting there bored but patiently waiting for my turn.


Phumeza Tisile holds the tuberculosis petition with Dr. Mario Raviglione
Holding all your signatures with Dr. Mario Raviglione
My turn came and I read my speech, I was so calm too while reading it, speaking truth to power. Well when I was done I got an applause from the health leaders. Apparently what I did was never done before, and the applause after my speech was so overwhelming.
So after about couple of minutes later they said that they approved and the meeting was adjourned.


Phumeza Tisile gives a media interview
Giving a media interview

This week is very busy too, with press conference doing speeches, doing TV interviews also. but the whole experience is great.


I usually saw the UN buildings in TV, they seemed so serious with their suits and heels and stuff, never knew that I will be here too, and now I am taking plenty of photos in front of the United Nations.




Phumeza Tisile and MSF colleague Patricia Mazuru in front of the UN
Outside of the UN with Patricia Mazuru from MSF

Outside the UN with Patricia Mazuru from MSF © Phumeza Tisile