Bad news, good news

It's been a while since the last blog, a lot has happened, GOOD and BAD news.

It's been a while since the last blog, a lot has happened, GOOD and BAD news.

I'll start with the bad news. Recently I lost a dear friend. We were close in the TB care center, we shared almost everything, more like a brother-and-sister kind of relationship. He was a good guy, no wonder people assumed that we were dating because most of the time we were together, and when we weren't we would be having a chat via social networks. It was nice knowing him. MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE FRIEND.

I am finally discharged from the TB care center, well obviously the guys hosted a farewell party for me and my guy friend who is no longer with us. It was so nice, they even invited the local newspaper to write a story about us, we are the ones who stayed the longest, 12 months at most. The speeches they made were touching, we were a great family, more like a home away from home.

Now I am finally at home, taking my medication at the local clinic. All my TB cultures since the positives from January are now NEGATIVE, the surgery part is no longer the case, they won’t do it anymore. Now there are eight of us who are taking Linezolid and the Clofazimine. The eight of us have made a support group. We just talk, mainly about the side effects that we experience while taking the Linezolid, other than that, there is nothing that is stopping us taking it rather than the usual side effect which is vomiting, we can live with that.

It's all NEGATIVES all the way, everything seems to be falling into place. The hope is that I will be finally cured from this. I can not wait for that day, it sure is coming soon, very soon.