An MSF Logistician in L.A.
Refugee Camp in San Francisco
Refugee Camp in San Francisco

Phil gives a tour in San Francisco.

On Monday, we broke down the camp in San Francisco. Funny, my friend Karen wrote to me last night that her vision of the camp breakdown is infused with images of "bugging out" from the TV show "M*A*S*H". After disassembling the exhibit, we had to load it all into a huge tractor trailer truck which would then drive overnight to meet us in LA. The drivers have been carrying the camp around the country each of the last several years. They know it better than most of us do.

We finished loading at noon, allowing just a few hours free time before we were to meet at the airport for the flight to LA. Bill had rented a car and Panenah, Monica, and I joined him for a bit of sightseeing. Peninah and Monicah are from Kenya. Peninah, a nurse, works for MSF in Uganda. Monicah has been a log for MSF for over 10 years. In June, she moved to the United States to work as the Coordinator of the MSF USA Association. This is her first visit to the west coast. It is Peninah's first trip to the United States.

We stopped first at the Golden Gate Bridge and walked to the center of the span. Next we drove past the Cliff House to the beach, joking that Peninah had to touch the Pacific Ocean. She then told us that in fact she had never even seen an ocean before. It was her first time to the coast. She took off her shoes rolled up her trousers, and waded in. And she stayed in for long time.