Log Blog - Last Day in L.A.

Monday -- 27 October

Monday -- 27 October

0830 - It looks like another perfect day of weather here in Griffith Park. At the hotel, near the ocean, we woke to a moderate fog that thinned as we drove east on the freeway. It is refreshingly cool this morning. The sky, blue with scattered wispy cirrus, mare's tails, above the burnt brown hills.

On Saturday, when the last group departed the exhibit, we fired up the barbecue in the picnic area. After dinner, a bunch of us drove up to Griffith Observatory. It was a beautiful evening, very clear, warm. I think the last time I had been up to the observatory may have been my first visit to LA, in 1969.

Yesterday, I had the day off, which I spent riding on the bike path which runs along the beach.

0850 - The first groups arrived early, and the camp is already half full. Today is the last day in Griffith Park. Tomorrow, we'll break down the exhibit. On Thursday, it will be set up again, adjacent to the Santa Monica Pier, where it will be open for the weekend, before moving to San Diego, the last stop on this fall's tour. I haven't heard yet if the exhibit is scheduled to tour next year, and if so, to what area of the country it will go.