Log Blog - Day 3 in L.A.
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Hmong Refugees in Thailand

Saturday, 25 October - 0900—We're at the camp, ready for another day. The sky is clear again. The drive to Griffith Park took only 30 minutes this morning, without commuters on the road making their way to work. After I arrived, Martin and I loaded the signs in the van, and drove around the park placing them at strategic locations, to point visitors to the exhibit. Crystal Springs picnic area is in a hollow, and surrounded by large trees. It can be a little difficult to locate.

Few school groups are scheduled today. Even when we arrived, at 7:45 the park was full of people. In the field a short distance from the exhibit is a large gathering of cyclists, with hundreds of riders in colorful spandex costumes. Two groups are already in the exhibit. The noise from the freeway behind is even greater than the past few days, because with less traffic, the cars are moving faster.

1030 - At the Partners tent, a small group of MSF donors is gathered with coffee and pastries, talking with field volunteers and office staff.