My name is Mukhtar

My name is Mukhtar Kamchibekov, and I was born on 7th February, 1968 in Kyrgyzstan.


My name is Mukhtar Kamchibekov, and I was born on 7th February, 1968 in Kyrgyzstan.


In February of 2011, I felt bad, exhausted, had fever, dizziness. I went to Osh Oblast Hospital to have a check-up. The doctors diagnosed me with echinococcus and on February 20th I had surgery. After surgery I started to feel very bad and I had difficulties eating. I spent 3 months in hospital. I did not recover. Doctors discharged me. And then I spent 1 month at home feeling very bad. I lost weight and did not have any appetite. After that I checked with doctors in Osh oblast TB hospital. After many tests they discovered TB in my lungs and they told me that I had the wrong surgery. I started taking a treatment there for 6 month.


After that they told me to go to Bishkek to get treated and I did not agree, because I did not have the financial means to go for treatment in Bishkek. At home nobody worked. We only survived on the pension my mother was getting. My relatives, friends and neighbours were helping us as they could. I am thankful to them. After that I had other tests. After getting results I was told to move to DOTS programme [directly observed treatment]. When I met the DOTS doctor he said that I needed to take 9 more months of treatment. I agreed but he said that there was no free place for me. I was told to go home. And there with time I started to feel worse.


One day someone told me about the MSF project in Joosh village, in Kara-Suu district. I decided to try and I went there. On 29th of June I was hospitalised. I was getting a very good treatment there. And I started to feel better with every day. In February I thought I would die but thank God in June I became hopeful. My mood and tonus have been improving very day. I am thankful to doctors who treat me – thanks a million times. Before hospitalisation I was 67 kilos, and during the treatment I reached 82 kilos. I did some more tests and the results came out very good. On 14th of September this year I moved to ambulatory treatment. After that I gained another 6 kilos.


I am thankful to God and doctors. I am thankful to my wife Shirin because she took care of my mother and 5 children. My oldest is in 11th grade and the youngest is 2 years old. I am very happy that I am getting better.


And now I have a goal to start my own business. And I want to raise my children, help them to get education and do well in life.

Mukhtar at home with family

Home treatment is very important. Instead of staying two years in the hospital it enables me to be with my family. ©MSF