Santa Claus greets us from Berlin

The MSF Berlin office holds a Xmas gift auction among the staff at Xmas and donates all the profits to a good cause. This year we are happy to hear that this donation will be given to the Family Support Center...

Family Support Center Sexual Violence awareness posters

 We are really excited about the news! We have planned to use the money to establish a little library at the Family Support Center.

Our staff currently has very limited access to any literature in our field. With the donation we will purchase books about sexual violence, intimate partner violence, counselling methodology, medical handbooks, children's books (to use when working with children) etc. The books will be kept in the Family Support Center office as a reference library and for our training. The staff will also be able to take out books just like in an ordinary library. This is a great benefit for us and our work!

Another delivery that arrived in the Family Support Center today was our new Sexual Violence awareness posters. This is a poster that we created in order to raise awareness about sexual violence as a medical emergency, as a psychologically traumatic event and to inform people about the services in the Family Support Center.

The pictures and the text for the poster were chosen and designed together with the Family Support Center staff according to what they perceived would appeal to a local sexual violence survivor and what they think a local sexual violence survivor finds important. Based on these ideas, I drew the pictures that were to be used in the poster. These original pictures were reviewed by the Family Support Center staff as well as both literate and illiterate locals, and it was a good thing that we did this. It was fascinating to notice that the “image literacy” and interpretation varies a lot among the local people –and some pictures were really misinterpreted!

I and my staff felt that the original pictures were very clear and understandable, but we got quite peculiar interpretations from illiterate people. Tablets were seen as broken bones, a stop sign as a stomach, and a nurse as Jesus. Based on the responses and feedback, the pictures were changed and improved and the reviewed pictures were again shown to another group of locals. The pictures were another time changed and improved based on the feedback. The draft poster (with pictures and text) was reviewed by locals and some wording was changed after the final review. We wanted to be really sure that our message would be as understandable and clear as possible for the target audience. Finally, one month ago, we could send the poster to be printed and today they arrived. We immediately hung posters in the public hospital areas to spread our message. Here you can see the English version of the poster (the printed ones are in tok pisin).


Family Support Center Sexual Violence awareness posters
Family Support Center Sexual Violence awareness posters

MSF Family Support Centre poster © MSF