Oink and woof

This is an anecdote about how I went to do awareness and ended up cuddling with puppies and pigs...

Minja cuddling a piglet

As part of our awareness raising, I strive to network with key persons in the community in order to spread awareness about family and sexual violence, as well as MSF’s services for the survivors. Today I met with a lovely lady who is married to a local pastor and who is a leader of many women’s church groups. I met her at the church building, presented our work to her and she said she was very impressed. We agreed on putting together an awareness session with local women’s group leaders and that way spread our message even to women living in remote villages.

After our discussion, the lady showed me the nearby garden where she works to earn funds for the church. We visited the chicken house, which was dark and cozy, warmed by a little fireplace in the middle of the house. We walked around the muddy ground surrounding the pig house and were greeted loudly by eager pigs who probably were hoping we would give them a snack.

We admired bright red roses and jumped over big cabbages. In the corn field the lady picked a couple cobs of corn for me to take home. As I was heading to meet my driver, I noticed a little puppy on the ground and given my enormous love for animals I had to stay a cuddle with the little dog for a while. I had to use all my (almost nonexistent) will power to restrain myself from taking him along with me.


Minja cuddling a piglet
Minja cuddling a piglet

Me and one of the pigs © Minja Westerlund