I'm Nele, an MSF Midwife
I'm Nele, a Belgian midwife, 28 years old. I've been working for MSF for a year now. I was 6 months in Sierra Leone, 3 months in Chad and 3 months in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And since yesterday I have had a new mission, a mission that has everything to do with my previous missions.
So, now that you're curious, I will try to explain what I'm doing here in San Francisco. After 20 hours travel from Belgium to San Francisco, I arrived very tired to my hotel room, but I woke up the next day before 5 am. Probably the time difference playing is little trick on me. But it didn't matter. After a quick breakfast at the hotel, I went down to the site, together with other MSF people, to build up the refugee camp exhibit. It took us the whole day to arrange everything, and it was a good change to have some physical work to do.