The End, and the Beginning

Sunday, the end.

More than 1,600 visitors today. All of them had been waiting in the wind and the cold to be able to have a glance at the Refugee Camp. Heartwarming for us, the guides. We all started to get tired and our voices were slowly fading, but this amount of interest gives you a huge boost to go on. We fought the planes flying overhead for the last day, trying to raise our cracked voices over their noise.

The sun is going down, and at 5:25 pm we start the very last tour of this year. I have the honor to take the last visitors through the exhibit. But then everything is over.

Or should I say everything starts? All of us return to work. The "office people" will go on trying to find people to work out in the field, to raise awareness of situations that MSF is dealing with, or trying to find the funds for all the work and sending people out. The guides on their side are preparing to go back in the field: Masisi (Democratic Republic of Congo), Mindanao (Philippines), or Nairobi (Kenya), Batangafo and Kabo (Central African Republic) ... The field is calling me and so many others back. Back to the work that we are meant to do.