My Wonderful Day

A real party with cake, balloons and champagne on the last day of the TB treatment.

Now, finally, my story is complete.

I shared it with you through this blog throughout all these months of treatment. By sharing the whole story with you from the beginning, I also had to revisit some of the early and most difficult periods of the treatment.

My story was full of challenging situations and personal struggles. As my ‘special day’ got closer, the idea of completing the treatment made me stronger every moment.

As I told you in my video blogs earlier this year, I planned to have a real party with cake, balloons and champagne on the last day of the treatment.

For a very long time I have been imagining this moment in my mind: the last day of my treatment.

Yes, today it really become reality.

‘My friend’ TB decided to return my health to me and depart from me forever.

To the MSF people who were always next to me , thank you for your great and efficient work. My treating doctor is a wonderful person who fought against drug-resistant TB together with me. He has inspired me with hope and optimism.

I am thankful to him and to the nurses who were with me every day.

Thank you for helping me complete my treatment and become a part of the history of MSF activities.

I love you all!

I am happy, and I can say aloud – I am proud of myself!

My dears, today I can surely say that drug resistant TB is a curable disease and that I am completely healthy.

Yesssss…My Wonderful Day!

I defeated TB!