Chapter One: Back in Kishasa

As a new outbreak begins, MSF Ebola specialist Luis returns to the Democratic Republic of the Congo...

The Air France flight to Kinshasa is a journey in itself.   

Door K33. It's always the same door, and the same terminal in Paris. Once across border control, the first challenge is to find any signs pointing you to Hall K. A foretaste of the country I’m travelling to.  

We fly over the equator. I smile. 

Once we land in Kinshasa, there are some administrative steps to convert an emergency visa into an entry visa. A 45-minute wait for red tape is very little after all.

The Head of Border Control arrives.   

As always, I have to show him my yellow fever vaccination certificate. After four visits to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (not counting the period I was in charge of operations for the Great Lakes countries), I'm getting used to it.