Breaking Dawn.....

Four months of long darkness seemed endless.

Four months of long darkness seemed endless.

It was the Tuesday of the week I was desperately waiting for the doctors to come and give me some good news about the sputum test. The doctors came and told me that if the culture is negative it means nothing is growing. I was standing just 15 days away from the deadline of the sputum test result. It was the beginning of light after the longest and the darkest night of my life. There was one more piece of good news for me; that now I don't need any intravenous injections, they can be stopped. I was very happy and relaxed that now the torturous injection will be stopped and finally the hickman line can come out. I can feel a bit of normal.

As these changes occurred I was quite happy and relaxed. In fact there was one more news from my job front.  I was working in the University of Manchester as a research technician. My Technical Manager and my Boss were very helpful and considerate, they not only extended my contract but I was on a paid sickleave for couple months. If  this hadn't have been the case then you can imagine me and family would have been in a very, very big trouble in a foreign country.

The brighter side was that I had been cured, I had the job, my family was in safe hands; so I should stop worrying. But still I was in tense and panicking at times.

It was the final result of the sputum test which killed me every moment.

Finally the hickman line came out it was such a relief . I felt a bit normal, but the scar tissue there today still reminds of the terrible experiences of the past few months in life. The most awaited day was there, and I was desperately looking for the doctors to come and give the new about the sputum. It was nearly lunch time and the doctors came in and said UNFORTUNATLY, ONE OF THE SPUTUM SAMPLE WAS CONTAMINATED AND THEY HAD TO RE-CULTURE THEM SO THE RESULT IS DELAYED BY 5 DAYS. No one can imagine that moment for which I waited and waited and was this was the news they gave me. I was not at all happy, I was very upset did not want to talk to anyone. I wanted to be on my own. I was annoyed. Why do such things happen to me.

But finally the days passed and with every day passing I was getting closer to the results. Hoping for the best, that I can go home, be with my parents, my family, live a normal life. It was a Monday, the sun shining bright, skies clear, people as usual running with the pace of time and me, on the other side just living with one thought, let the results be in my favour, let me go home. As usual my hubby was there to see me and give me some food for lunch, having the conversation about results, and there you go…. I see the TB nurse Sue come in my room without any mask.

I just jumped with joy seeing her doing that, as it clearly meant that I was not infectious , the sputum didn't culture any TB bacteria and I am free to go home. Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! It was the most happiest moment of my life. I couldn't have been happier than this. It was a new life to me. My eyes were flooded with the tears of happiness, hugging and kissing my hubby could actually touch me cuddle him. Oh god thank you for this, to help me realise I am a winner and can be happy to be alive.

Soon all the prep started for my discharge form the hospital, all my medicines, the prescriptions written, everybody was happy for me. Finally I said good bye to the hospital staff and was on my way home.