Blogging as Insurance Against 'New Fridge Syndrome'

Having returned home, Lauralee reflects on the impact of blogging about her MSF/Doctors Without Borders assignment. 

There is a joke that goes around MSF: You go off on your assignment and you come home. You are sitting at the dinner table with your family and you want to tell them everything about your mission: the poverty, the diseases, the deaths, the happy things, the sadness. Eventually, someone will look at you blankly and say, "Hmm that's wonderful. Did I tell you we got a new refrigerator?"

Nothing like this happened to me when I got home. There was no 'New Fridge Syndrome'. I had the feeling that people had a pretty good idea of what it was like. I think it is because they have been reading my blog.

I dream about Lankien every night, about climbing mountains, about the work. Not bad dreams, but more as if I am cataloguing, consolidating.