Alumni of the January 2008 PPD in Bonn

Every member of MSF international staff completes a training course before they begin their posting. That course is the PPD. 

MSF provides first missioners with an introductory course prior to going to the field. It’s called the Preparation for Primary Departure Course, PPD for short; I did my course in Bonn, Germany in January this year. The course was multidisciplinary and included people with diverse backgrounds in medicine, logistics, administration and finance. The course was run in English but the participants were multi-national with attendees from Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, the UK, India, Bangladesh, Zambia, Canada and the USA. The goal was to orient people to the organization and its operation. Most participants were yet to be assigned to a mission but several in the group were already working in MSF projects: multi-drug resistant TB in Uzbekistan, obstetrics in Sri Lanka. Since January, the alumni of the PPD course have been assigned to various projects, a refugee camp in Chad, a KA/HIV project in Ethiopia, an HIV mission in Zimbabwe, and yes, projects in Southern Sudan. I am fortunate to have two people from my PPD right here with me. Leanna Hutchins, our log admin in Lankien, and Andrea Hewitt. Andrea is from the UK and is our Financial Coordinator for the mission. She is part of the Country Management Team and works out of Loki. It has been wonderful to see a familiar face in Loki and share some time with Andrea.