In the operating room: Yemen, Day 12

MSF anesthesiologist Kariantti follows up on a young patient who had been shot in the abdomen...

Remember the boy with the thoracic gun shot wound from the intensive care unit (ICU)?
He was still in the ward.
All in all he was doing well.
He was eating and didn’t need anymore antibiotics or IV-fluids.
But he was still just lying in bed and refusing to walk, because he had been there for so long during his ICU-admission.
A few days ago Dr. Ali, one of the national staff surgeons, suddenly just grabbed him by his hand and made him do the rest of the rounds with him.
By the time they finished he had walked all the way to the female ward.
Meanwhile me and the other doctors and nurses were hooraying for him.
Four days later we were able to discharge him and he got to go back home to his family.
Sometimes it only takes a little encouragement and a bit of surprise.