so much for writing short but sweet entries :)

It's been a busy week for the MSF/Doctors Without Borders team in Bangladesh...

i remember last monday sitting outside with my coffee at 8AM, waiting for the international staff to arrive from the hotel.  4 people had been flown overnight, arriving between 2 and 4 am, and they were due in the office by 9.

we'd been busy with preparations for the explos all weekend, but busyness takes on a whole new meaning when there are new people.  i knew as i sat there enjoying the early quietness, that it wasn't just 4 international staff, but also 4 doctors, 2 translators, and our rehired drivers (plus rental pickup drivers) who i would also see that day.  i knew it would be bonkers as people needed briefings, paperwork, information, and a role in the planning taking place.

so i took a moment, and sipped my coffee and watched some cute birdies play in the pre-dhaka-haze sunshine.  it looks like spring here in the morning.  the concrete has that old deniem blue/grey sheen.

i was wise to enjoy the few minutes of silence, since it has not been replicated since.

i'm not sure how to sum up the past week, except to say it involved 1 night of packing relief kits until 3:30 am, receiving, briefing and sending off 11 expats, hiring 25 staff, purchasing thousands of items for the earlier mentioned relief kits, tonnes of stress and late late nights, and at least three instances of breaking out in hysterical laughter that ended in tears - mostly due to tiredness i think.  as my dear medco put it, you have to laugh so you don't cry - but sometimes you do both.