me against the monsoon

well, as many people have heard (judging from the emails i had waiting for

well, as many people have heard (judging from the emails i had waiting for

me this morning) bangladesh has entered the monsoon season.  it's been raining in dhaka since wednesday.  on sunday some of the streets in the city had a few feet of water flooding them - but so far we've been lucky and our office and flat are not flooding yet.

heh.  yet.

but we're better off here in dhaka than in chittagong (the main port city

that we fly to before driving to teknaf) where at least 79 people living in shanty towns have been killed by mudslides.  a variety of groups are responding - ngo's, military and civilian to look for survivors and pull out the bodies.

bbc has photos of the flooding at

our head of mission was supposed to fly to chittagong on monday and then drive to teknaf, but flights were cancelled so they drove for 7 hours just to get to chittagong.  the flooding around the hotel we use was fairly minor, not more than knee deep and the catastrophy at the other side of town was not apparent until people started calling him to see how he was.

during the 5 hour drive to teknaf this morning apparently every river was flooding, and every rice field is full of water.

and sure enough, tal camp is starting to flood again.

i was so happy last week to see how much of the water that had covered tal

camp just a few weeks back was gone.  but, that was just the start of the


gah, i'm very gloomy.  oh well. but i made a pop culture reference in the title.  maybe that will cheer me up.