I felt the Earth move..

The other morning i awoke a bit startled - the earth was moving. i must be in papua new guinea.  appropriately, the motto here is 'land of the unexpected'...

The other morning i awoke a bit startled - the earth was moving. i must be in papua new guinea.  appropriately, the motto here is 'land of the unexpected'...

you're not in bangladesh anymore dorothy.  when it comes to earthquakes, i'm very happy about that. the whole time i was there i had a recurring nightmare of an earthquake in dhaka - i don't think it would be as peaceful as the 5.4 we had this weekend.

i've been here in Papua New Guinea for a week i guess.  the guessing has to do with the strange shift of time that happens while travelling, and the fact that i've been beyond busy since arriving (this is my subtle hint to apologise to family and friends for the lack of news from me... and perhaps also apologise because i'm only putting this blog posting online in september because i've neglected it for over a month).  

the first few weeks in a new location are always a bit bizarre.  there is so much information to absorb and so many things to adjust to, it can become a bit of an overload.  that combined with the shock of being away from friends and family again results in a kind of 'speed reading' of emails from home.  tonight as i re-read through these emails, days after i first read them, i realised that on first glance i simply devourored them.  most subtleties and stories were missed as i greedily gobbled up the letter.  i've actually had to write new replies that acknowledge what people told me, but i didn't even clue into the first time.  so again, another apology to those who have sent notes with questions and comments, and gotten responses from me that seem to gloss over all of your carefully constructed inquiries.  picture small child eating carefully baked torte.  too busy consuming it to notice the nice aprocot jam layer.

another fun side effect of getting to a new country - jet lag.  up until a few nights ago i was too whacked out with it to function fully.  i mean, i would literally be asleep at 9pm (no matter where i was or what i was trying to do).  the nice part of that was being up at 6am like clockwork every day (people who know me may not believe this, but it's true!).  and between being super and being asleep by nine, there was not enough free time to let the lonliness set in.  (now you ask, how can you be lonely when living with 3 other people?  easy!  i spent the past month and half completely surrounded by friends and family, every day getting lots of 'quality time' [read bbq's on patios]).  i love my job, and i love what i get the chance to do.  but i hate how far away from people i end up.   on the plus side, i think i've learned to cherish my time with people much more.  in fact, i may spend more time with my family now that i work far away. it's not so easy, so we all make sure it happens.

and so yes, recently i had that first night where i found part of my brain unoccupied (finally) and i was still awake at nearly 10PM and not working, and boom, i was thinking of home and those people i love who are half a world away.  i did make it though alright.  all it took was writing some emails home to them, reading their notes to me, and then settling into bed with a trashy crime novel.  but anyway, this is my post to say to all of them, i love you all to bits, i miss you but that's ok, and i send huge hugs and kisses.