don't worry mom, i'm all safe

this has ruled my brain most of the day.

this has ruled my brain most of the day.

in teknaf, we've closed the clinic early, as well as discarged patients at the hospital who are well enough to leave.  people are being encouraged to move to higher levels and go to the cyclone shelters.  for the people we serve, the good news is the storm

didn't veer towards them.  but that means  in real terms that the storm will

hit other people, who no more deserve this than our beneficiaries.  it is

really quite wretched to sit her and watch the small dot on the cyclone map

move closer and closer to shore.

for everyone on the coastline, the surge is the main concern (raise of

water - rolling wave type thingee).  the wind expected is incredible, and

now even the team in teknaf has started to point out that the storm is

expected to move inland to dhaka by tomorrow morning.  i can hear the wind

outside pick up right now, and it's not even 5PM.

so yes, for us in dhaka, some rain and wind, and the cold himalayan air

brings us down to what feels like a freezing 20 degrees.  for teknaf, no

direct hit of the cyclone, but an unknown surge impact... which if you've

seen the photos of tal after the minor cyclone in may, you can understand

our main concern.

but for the people on the eastern side of the coast, bordering india, the

storm heading their way is terrifying to me.