TB free one year on: celebrate the freedom

I finished treatment for pre-XDR TB a year ago, what a celebration! 

Ingrid Schoeman after running a 21.1 km race

I finished treatment for pre-XDR TB a year ago, what a celebration! 

Me in hospital with TB

When I was sick, I found it hard to suddenly not have freedom or abilities that I used to have and felt very vulnerable. I don't think a healthy person can imagine even when trying, how it feels to be so sick (I even now find it hard to imagine, it feels unreal). My world became very small as I just lay in the bed most part of the day. 

I remember and feel bad to say it, but I was jealous of the young girl in the bed next to me at the hospital who could walk around the nursing station as I was stuck in bed. Now that feels like a crazy thought but I just remember wishing I could get up. 

I really appreciated the kindness of my awesome doctor, Dr Stickells and the staff who were gentle with me and cared for me. In this time, I realised how blessed I was to have a loving and supportive family and friends - wow!

After discharge from hospital, I still had a long way to go.

I just wanted to get through the day when I was so sick, any thing above that would make me feel overwhelmed.

Now I am finished with TB. 

I APPRECIATE the small things I have in my life which I used to take for granted in a way, like having a supportive family and health.



Ingrid Schoeman after running a 21.1 km race
Finished! Me at the end of a 21.1 km race

Now, I have loads of energy, which for the two years on treatment I didn't have and really missed having.

I feel my courage to try new things creeping back slowly but surely and it is as if taking on a challenge is easier now.- I want to try things and see what I am able to do.

God was my rock and my shield. I am just glad it is finally over!

Thanks to MSF for all the support and allowing me to express myself on the blogs - it was always encouraging to hear about others who were in the same boat! 


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