Looking forward

Ingrid is 21 months through a 24 month treatment for pre-extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (pre-XDR-TB)

Ingrid Schoeman
I am 21 months into my treatment and just as tired of taking my meds as I was the first day. The peripheral neuropathy in my feet is still painful and keeping me from activities as running and tennis, but the physio is helping me a lot. The second problem is the chronic diarrhoea. No need to expand on that :)
The other thing that bothers me is that I feel quite tired often and miss having loads of energy!
I used to have these grey-blue eyes but the colour has changed - it still feels strange looking into the mirror and seeing these yellow-brown eyes. I wonder if it happened due to the liver failure. But I suppose a lot in me has changed too, and I am starting to enjoy the process of building my life again.
I must say though that it is going so much better, life is good in other areas
-       I love my  family. My family provides a safe place for me to be myself. Being the last child of three daughters, I have always been looked after like the 'baby' (as my mom would say) and I appreciate everyone's care for me, it has been such a blessing.
-       As I had to quit my previous job in the government hospital, I now found a new job, or it found me. I enjoy my work and feel passionate about it. Dr Liana Steenkamp inspired me in the field of research and I'm so grateful for her goodness to me.

- Even my hair has grown back after most of it fell out

I realised how important support structures are - it really pulls you through when you don't have the energy to do it yourself. I thank God for them, He knew I wouldn't cope without them and provided for me. 
I feel sorry for people without support systems because I know how emotionally difficult it is feeling sick over a long time.

Hopefully after being sick all of us who had TB will have more empathy for others who are sick and care for them like others cared for us.


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